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Shane O’Connor is an award winning** presenter, broadcaster, journalist and voice over artist based in the UK Midlands.

This site charts his meteoric rise from obscurity to mediocrity, celebrates his talent for putting a lot of words in the right order and shows you pictures that his family would rather remained private.

Described as edgy, daring and a bit of a maverick by Dave Shelley, his driving instructor, Shane's presentation style has more grit than the toilets at a cat show and enough energy to keep a small flat powered for twenty six minutes (provided you don't use the kettle).

He describes his command of the English language as "the bestest what anyone can be hearing when they is listening to people what is saying stuff".

In the Audio Demo,Video and Voice over sections, you can hear Shane at work. Although, I think we can all agree that it's not really work, is it? 

We welcome suggestions for stuff that we can put on the site, unless it's pictures of more talented / better looking presenters (we get asked that a lot).

If you want to get in touch, you can email Shane at

** Home pickler of the year 1996 | Best kept nose hair 2001 & 2002